Johnny Dare Morning Show

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

From The Headlines: Our friends at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge rescue 8 big cats from "Tiger King" associate Tim Stark!

For nearly 3 decades, our friends at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge have been rescuing abused, abandoned, and neglected big cats nationwide and giving them the amazing life they deserve on their 459 acre facility in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. And over the last 25 years or so, Tanya & Scott...
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Dr. Sandra Lee

"I think people are MORE aware of their lumps and bumps now!" Dr. Sandra Lee returns with new episodes of "Dr. Pimple Popper"!

Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper became one of the most unlikely internet sensations ever...with her videos of various zits, blackheads, cysts and more, garnering MILLIONS of followers the world over...making her so popular that she landed her own TLC series!! Seems there are a whole lotta...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

It's A Super Strokin', Deliriously Diddlin', Wondrous Wankin' Wednesday Edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

All you really need to know about one of today's Adult Toy items is "It's like Gary Coleman's f**kin' forearm" *shudder* It's THE ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT, brought to you by Monnlight Adult Boutique!!
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

"People Are More Willing To Help Than You Realize" Hospice Nurse Jerree Humphrey makes dying man's wish come true!

With as much bullshit as we have been bombarded with lately, it's always nice to find a story that makes you feel a little better about humanity. Meet Someset KY hospice nurse, Jerree Humphrey. When presented with what seemed an unattainable hurdle to make her patient Scott Sullivan's wish to see...
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Kelly Knievel

"My Dad Wasn't Incredible Due To Childhood Trauma...He Was Born That Way!" Kelly Knievel discusses the legacy of Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel was a one of a kind Hero/Outlaw/Showman. No other person at the time, thrilled the world in quite the way he did. He was the perfect example of the self made man....from poor beginnings to becoming the biggest star in the world...putting his body on the line every time he got on his...
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Charlie Starr

"I think we were all ready to implode!" Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke talks touring Drive In's and their upcoming live streaming show from The Ryman!!

You feel it...We feel it...We all miss seeing live music. But, thankfully, there are folks out there like our friends in Blackberry Smoke who are trying to navigate these Covid filled waters as best as they can't to keep us (and themselves) from going crazy! From putting on live shows at Drive In's...
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Nik Wallenda

"I realized early on that my experiences could help people" The King of the Highwire, Nik Wallenda examines what keeps us down in his new book,"Facing Fear"

When you think of legendary tightrope walker, Nik Wallenda..."fear" is not a word that immedeately comes to mind. Coming from 7 generations of highwire daredevils. He holds 11 Guinness World records. He's walked over Niagra Falls, The Grand Canyon, Times Square, and over the active Masaya Volcano...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

Let's Do Some Bonus Ballin' With The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!!

A second round of The Adult Toy Price Is Right in one week?!? Yer damn right! You know why? Because we are GIVERS, people! Is anyone else giving you the chance to bid on vegetable lookin' hump toys and robo-dongs? The answer is no. That's why we're special. That's why we're the pretty ones. Love us...
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William Shatner

"This will never happen again in our lifetime!" William Shatner talks the incredible success of the Star Trek franchise on the 54th anniversary of it's debut!!

When you think of the icons of the science fiction genre of television and film, one of the top names on that list has to be the legendary Wililam Shatner! As Capt. James T. Kirk on Star Trek, he set the standard for all who followed in his path. And through the series, the numerous Star Trek...
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Dr. Sadie Allison & Johnny Dare

"If You Get Your Woman Where She Needs To Be, She'll Give It Back To You Tenfold!" Celebrating National Sexual Health Awareness Month With Dr. Sadie Allison!!

September is National Sexual Health Awareness Month, so who better to tell us about what we need to do to to promote our sexual well being than our friend and sex expert, Dr. Sadie Allison!? Not only is Sadie the driving force behind and the new GoLove CBD lube ( https://golovecbd...
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