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Cherie Curry

The Queen Of Noise Is Back! Former Runaways Lead Vocalist Cherie Currie Releases "Blvds Of Splendor"!!

Back in the mid 70s, the Runaways set the rock world on fire with their jailbait rock and roll...launching the careers of Lita Ford, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. And while the band's career was short-lived, their influence was endless. And now, former lead vocalist Cherie Currie is releasing a new...
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Dan Cummins

"His Story Was Crazier Than I Even Thought!" Timesuck's Dan Cummins Talks KC Serial Killer Bob Berdella and More With Johnny Dare!

After years of Johnny telling him about it, our friend Dan Cummins finally covered the crimes of KC's own serial killer, Bob Berdella on his Timesuck podcast...and he was rightfully blown away by one of the craziest stories to ever come out of this city....and we even learned a few new things!! But...
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David Coverdale Getty Images

Whitesnake Celebrates 35 Years of "Slide It In" - Hear Johnny Dare's Chat With Rock Legend David Coverdale HERE!

Throughout the 80s, there were few rock and roll frontmen who were bigger and more recognizable than Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale. With videos like "Here I Go Again", "Still of the Night" and "Is This Love?" in constant rotation on MTV, Whitesnake defined 80s rock and roll excess! And now...
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Tommy Chong

"We're Living In An Exciting Reality Show Right Now!" Comic Legend Tommy Chong Is Smoked Up and Locked Down!

In a time when we are all kind of stressed out as the Covid-19 quarantine drags on, it helps to have someone like Tommy Chong around...mainly because, as the world's most favorite stoner, his voice alone can make you mellower than a bong rip. But in the middle of all of this, he's busy as ever.....
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Vic DiBitetto Getty Images

He Is The Angry Voice Of The People!! Comedian Vic DiBitetto Blows Up The Internet With His "Message To The Government"!!

Brooklyn born stand up comedian, Vic DiBitetto is living proof that hard work and determination can eventually pay off!! Starting his stand up career 35 years ago, eventually starting his own You Tube channel to share his angry, expletive-filled rants...and now he has suddenly become a huge...
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Adult Toy

No 'Rona For Your Bone-a! It's A Wankin' Wednesday Edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!'s edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right got real weird real quick...from one dude whose ex cheated on him while he was overseas, to another dude whose side piece is married to a man who can no longer please her sexually (and, as such, lets her mess around) to the ladies talkin' all...
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Steel Panther

"You Would Be Surprised How Many Hookers Consider Themselves Essential!" Steel Panther guitarist Satchel Calls In From Quarantine In Vegas!!

In all of the years we've been having the boys from Steel Panther on the show, they have always been prompt and on spite of the copious amounts of drugs they ingest daily. And yesterday, the unthinkable happened...Steel Panther guitarist Satchel was supposed to be on the show and he...
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Nikki Glaser

"If I Worried About What People Thought, I Wouldn't Have A Career" Comedian Nikki Glaser Talks Masturbating At Your Parents House, Payin' For Porn And More!

Our friend, comedienne Nikki Glaser is...shall we say...not handling quarantine well. Why? Well...she's stuck in St Louis locked down with her parents...which makes masturbating an adventure...she can't go out and work through her neurosis on she subjected her folks to watching her sing...
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Carlos Mencia

" I Think It Gets Real When You Know Someone Who Has Passed" Carlos Mencia On The Realities Of Comedy During Corona Times.

Comedian Carlos Mencia has been a friend of the Morning Show since almost the beginning...and there are two things we can always count on him for...he's always going to make us laugh, and he's always going to make us think. What is is all going to look like on the other side of this? How is comedy...
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Tiger Tales! Listen To Johnny Dare's In Depth Interview With Tiger King Joe Exotic's Husband Dillon Passage HERE!!

Last week we had the opportunity to chat with Dillon Passage, the husband of one of the most talked about people in the world right now, the focus of the Netflix docu-series "Tiger King", Joe Maldonado-Passage aka Joe Exotic. But, at the time, we only had a few minutes to talk, which wasn't NEARLY...
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