Johnny Dare Morning Show

The Johnny Dare Morning Show

Welcome To The Sh*tshow!! "Tirdy Works" Star Mary Winchenbach Turns Poop Into Profit!

We first had our new friend Mary Winchenbach on the show a few weeks ago as her new reality series "Tirdy Works" was set to premiere on TruTV...and what started as "internet famous" when a video of her selling her wares at a fair went viral...has lead to her logging record sales of her poop...
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"Other Than Not Making Money, Man, I Can Do This!!" Comic Legend Sinbad Is Lovin' Lockdown

Since the early 80s, comedian/actor has worked nonstop. Touring the world doing stand up, acting on series from "A Different World" to "It's Always Always Sunny..." and movies like "Jingle All The Way" and "Necessary Roughness"...and much more. Which is why, when the whole world shut down due to...
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Baron Corbin

From "Murdering" Rey Mysterio Jr To Being Emotionally Abused By A Toddler, Is WWE Star Baron Corbin Living His Best Quarantine Ever?

No pro wrestler got more heat this past week than WWE star and KC's own, Baron Corbin! Why? Well, on the May 10th "Money In The Bank" PPV, it appeared as though Baron threw both Aleister Black and wrestling legend Rey Mysterio Jr to their deaths from atop the WWE Headquarters...and it was...
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Rob Riggle

Missing Sports? Rob Riggle Brings You The Extreme Mini Golf Experience Ever With "Holey Moley 2: The Sequel!!"

Sports fans have been hurtin' during this whole quarantine thing. With people wondering when things like MLB and the NBA will EVER start...the immediate future looks bleak. But then, riding in like a knight in shining armor, comes a the form of Rob Riggle! What do we mean?| You can get...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

It's A Big Ticket BJ & Booty Bustin' Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

We did some HIGH DOLLAR DIDDLIN' on today's Adult Toy Price Is Right! On one side? A big dolla blow job machine...On the other? A bodacious blow up booty plug!! PPE's? Pfffft....we give you what you REALLY need during quarantine! Sweet, sweet release. IT'S THE ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT! Brought to...
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"We've Made A Career Out Of Messing With Each Other!" Impractical Jokers Sal and Q Are Back With A New Season Of The Misery Index!

The TruTV show "Impractical Jokers" is one of the more popular shows on TV, taking busting balls to all new levels! And now those same jokers are back with a new season of the TBS game show that make's you cringe in all the right ways, "The Misery Index"!! We talked to Sal Vulcano and Brian "Q"...
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Diedrich Bader

"It's Interesting To Have Something That We're ALL Sharing Together!" American Housewife costar Diedrich Bader Checks In From Lockdown!

We love actor Diedrich Bader because he loves picking weird roles. From Rex Kwon Do in "Napoleon Dynamite" to Lawrence in "Office Space" as well as his work in films like "Balls of Fury" and his voice work on a ton of animated series! And while the whole world is shut down, you would think he's...
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Tom Papa

In A World Of Uncertainty, Comedian Tom Papa's New Netflix Special and Book Lets Us All Know "You're Doing Great!"

Stand up specials on streaming services have been a lifeline for everyone during the pandemic lockdown...and out of all of them, few hit home like Tom Papa's "You're Doing Great"...because he talks about things we all can relate to...Dad's who won't turn on the air conditioning...the "good old days...
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Jimmy Shubert

Conjoined Country Singers, What Sexual Pronoun Gets Me A Stimulus Check And Destroying Social Justice! Comedian Jimmy Shuber Has "Zero Tolerance"

For over two decades, comedian Jimmy Shubert has been a friend of this Morning Show. The Philly-born comedian has managed to firmly keep one foot planted in the old school stand up, while still managing to stay relevant. And opinions? Jimmy has 'em!! And he's sharing them on his new album that...
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Richard Marcinko

"You have to get off your ass and attack it...and if you die, you die!" Seal Team 6 creator Richard Marcinko brings the truth!

Of all of the people we have on the morning show, precious few can truly be described as "American Hero"...except in the case of Richard Marcinko. Two tours of duty in Vietnam...decorated commander of Seal Team 2, Seal Team 6 and Red Cell...a man who has seen more and done more than few men can...
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