Garrett Reisman

Will Elon Musk and SpaceX Change The Future Of Space Travel? Retired Astronaut Garrett Reisman Says Yes!!

On May 27th, the eyes of the world will be on The Kennedy Space Center in Florida as NASA and SpaceX join together to launch the SpaceX Crew Dragon. It's the first manned space flight for Elon Musk's SpaceX and it could usher in a new age of space exploration...and eventually make civilian space...
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Clayton Anderson

"I Fought Hard For What I Believed In" Retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson On Pissing Off NASA And The Future Of Space Travel

Of all of the astronauts we've had on the show over the years, few have been as outspoken as Clayton Anderson. With 167 days in space and numerous spaces walks, he has the experience that a chosen few have to speak on NASA, the past and future of space travel, as well as the growing rise of...
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NASA Intern Discovers Rare New Planet 3 Days Into Internship

This NASA intern made an out-of-this-world impression at his new gig. Wolf Cukier, a high school intern at NASA from Scarsdale High School in New York State, helped discover the first-ever planet that orbits two suns, CNN reports . NASA’s planet-hunting TESS mission has discovered multiple planets...
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NASA Astronauts Complete First All-Female Spacewalk

Watch here on CNN as two female astronauts make history. History has now been made as two female astronauts embark on the first all-female spacewalk outside the International Space Station. NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir began their adventure orbiting outpost just before 8 a.m...
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Johnny talks to former astronaut Scott Parazynski 04.05.19.

It's safe to say that Little Rock Arkansas native Scott Parazynski is a bit of a bad ass. He's physician...he's an astronaut who has completed 5 space shuttle flights and 7 space walks....AND he's climbed Mount Everest!! And now he's revolutionizing the world of drones, having developed a more...
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Johnny talks to astronaut Clayton Anderson 08.24.18.

Earlier this week, we had retired astronaut Clayton Anderson on the show to talk about his new book "A is for Astronaut"...but because we have such a love of astronauts and space travel, we had to have him back on the show to ask more questions, and he did not disappoint!!
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Johnny talks to astronaut Clayton Anderson 08.21.18.

We've said it a million times...we are HUGE fans of astronauts on this show. We take advantage of every chance we get to talk to them and retired astronaut Clayton Anderson was no exception! 167 days in space, almost 40 hours of spacewalks outside of the International Space Station, not to mention...
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Nerd Talk: NASA's 4K Tour of the Moon is just Badass

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's (LRO) results will blow your head off its stupid neck.
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Nerd Talk: Forget 'Star Wars' toys. We built the Lego Saturn V rocket!

1,969 awesome pieces all come together to form the greatest Lego build I’ve ever completed. Look, do I think that new 7,500 piece Millennium Falcon is awesome? Yes. A Super Star Destroyer? Also, yes. But when I was gifted a Lego set for Christmas, a purchase of love from a family member trying to...
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Johnny talks to astronaut Scott Kelly 12.07.17.

We here on the Morning Show make no bones about our love of astronauts and the space program, which is why we were so excited about having Scott Kelly on the show! A veteran of 4 trips into space with over 520 days in space, he was the commander of the International Space Station for over a year.....
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