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Sarah Chalke

Hot Nerd Alert! Rick And Morty's Sarah Chalke Dishes On Her Nerdy Past!

Not all television and movie stars are born cool. Some, like former Scrubs star Sarah Chalke, were gigantic dorks....which has served her well, because it takes a certain kind of weirdo to be able to work on a show like the wildly popular Adult Swim animated series "Rick & Morty". And if we...
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Johnny interviews actress Sarah Chalke 07.28.17.

Canadian-born Sarah Chalke was first introduced to television audiences on the long running series "Roseanne", going on to star on the series "Scrubs"...she's been in KC to take part in the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend...and these days you can hear her on the Adult Swim series "Rick and Morty"...and...
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