Bryan Callen

"I Only Wear Midriffs So That People Can Marvel At My Obliques!" Living The Manly Life With Schooled Star Bryan Callen!

There men. There are manly men. And then there is Bryan Callen. Oh sure, we have friends who are professional athletes ...professional who build things with their bare who have KILLED PEOPLE!!! None are are manly as Bryan with a Y. It's science. You can't fight it. You...
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Band Geek Makes Good: "Schooled" star Tim Meadows on his High School journey and the "planet" that is Bryan Callen

Before Tim Meadows was a star on SNL...before such movies as "The Ladies Man" and "Walk Hard"...Tim Meadows was just another band geek going to high school in suburban Detroit...thankfully he had a gym teacher who took him under his wing and helped him survive the rough waters of high school. Now,...
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"Schooled" star Bryan Callen "I'm an actor! This isn't a real job!"

Our good friend Bryan Callen is a busy man these days, between his latest stand up special "Complicated Apes", to his ABC series, "Schooled" fact, he's so busy he missed his interview with us yesterday because of having to rehearse!! HOW DARE HE SKIP US TO DO HIS ACTUAL JOB!!?? The nerve of...
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Johnny talks to Comedian/ Friend of the Show, Bryan Callen 03.21.19.

Our friend Bryan Callen has a lot goin' on these days! Not only does he have the ABC series, "Schooled", but he has a new comedy special "Complicated Apes" available online, he has his weekly podcast "The Fighter & The Kid"...and if that weren't enough, he's performning live onstage at The...
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Johnny talks to "Schooled" star, Bryan Callen 01.08.19.

Comedian/Actor Bryan Callen has been a Friend of the Show for a long time...and it's been great to watch his steady climb to success. From his stand up and his work on "MadTV" the "Hangover" movies and his work on the ABC series "The Goldbergs", it was only a matter of time before he finally...
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Johnny talks to Actor/Comedian, Bryan Callen 10.18.18.

We've been good friends with Bryan Callen since his days on Mad TV, and it's been awesome to watch his career grow. From the "Hangover" movies, movies like "Ride Along", shows like "Death Valley" and "The Goldbergs"...and now he's set to star in the Goldbergs spin off, "Schooled", and we couldn't...
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