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Zoltan Bathory

"I Have A Platform To Make A Difference, And I'm Going To Do It." Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Zoltan Bathory Uses His Fame To Enact Change.

It's safe to say that few rock stars live the kind of life FFDP's Zoltan Bathory does. When most rock stars go on vacation, they go out and party...but Zoltan? He called from Dubai after traveling to Egypt so he could ride a camel by the pyramids. When other rockers are sleeping it off, Zoltan is...
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"We've got guys who will legitimately hand you a beating" WWE star Baron "King" Corbin dishes on moving to Smackdown and the Art of Being The Heel!

It's good to be King! And Baron Corbin is livin' the life as WWE's King of the Ring...and now he's made the move from RAW to Smackdown he's ready for even bigger things! I mean...you get your ass whipped by The Rock right outta the gate? THAT is big stuff!! And now he's returning home to KC this...
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Johnny talks to WWE Raw star Baron Corbin 05.23.19.

Lenexa KS native and Friend of the Show, Baron Corbin has become one of the most hated heels in the WWE...which we think is great, when you consider the legendary names who have blazed the trail before him...from Jake "The Snake" Roberts, to The Iron Shiek, Randy "Macho Man" Savage and more.....
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Metallica at Sprint Center 03.06.19

Metallica at Sprint Center 03.06.19 Photo Credit: Todd Zimmer
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Johnny talks to Comedian/Friend of the Show, Craig Gass 03.06.19.

We all know comedian Craig Gass for his dead on impressions of Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken, Sam Kinison, Lars Ulrich, Gene Simmons and more...but we also know that there are few comedians who are bigger music geeks than him! That's why it was no surprise to us that he decided to come to KC...
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Johnny talks to Collier Cash Rule 03.06.19.

We all first met 10 yr old Collier Cash Rule when he got up on stage with the Foo Fighters this past October...the video of which has been viewed over 40 million times...and being the good kid that he is, he's using his sudden internet fame for good!! Today (3/6/19) he'll be playing out in front of...
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