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Giving Downward Dog All New Meaning With Srirachas! The New Yoga Pants With A Hidden Sex Flap!

What with Valentine's Day coming up fast, we felt like it was time to give something to the ladies...but something that is, in fact, for us pants. But these aren't just any yoga pants...we're talkin' about the hottest new product on the market, Srirachas! What makes 'em so special?...
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Johnny talks to Andi from 04.01.19.

Yoga pants...leggings...We're fans!! But if you've read the news lately, according to one mom (whose letter to Notre Dame University's student paper has caused a viral backlash), you ladies MUST STOP WEARING THESE THINGS to stop fellas from having impure thoughts!!
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Website of the Day: Sriracha Wear 01.28.19.

FACT: Dudes love ladies in yoga pants. ALSO FACT: Ladies in yoga pants make dudes horny. SO...our new friend Andi has rolled out a line of yoga pants called Srirachas...they're yoga pants with a secret opening so you can have sex and never have to take the yoga pants off!!! Genius!! And? You can...
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