Strange Music

Tech N9ne

In A World On Lockdown, KC's Own TECH N9NE Drops ENTERFEAR!! Listen to His Conversation With Johnny Dare HERE!

Most artists would be happy to release 4 or 5 albums in their career...KC's own Tech N9ne has just released his 22ND album today, "Enterfear", further establishing himself as the most successful independant rapper in the world!! We talk to Tech this morning about the new album, the difficulties of...
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Steve Shippy

From Strange Music To Unexplained Phenomenon, Director/Host/Rapper Steve "Prozak" Shippy Explores Haunting In The Heartland!

Hailing from Saginaw Michigan, Steve Shippy was raised in house reportedly haunted by the victims of a murder...and as such, his interest in the paranormal started at a young age. He's gone on to direct numerous documentaries on hauntings. His love of the dark and unexplained also led him to launch...
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