The TaTa Top

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Normalizing The Nipple and Bringin' Bushy Back! The Website of the Day: The Ta Ta Top!

We first met our friend Lindsey when she introduced "The Ta Ta Top"...a flesh toned bikini top, complete with nipples...which was a big hit at pools and lakes everywhere! Not to mention, $3 of every one sold goes to women's health organizations, donating over $40,000 so far! And now she's covering...
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Website of the Day: The TaTa Top! 01.29.19.

Ladies! What better way to get some attention at the pool this summer than wearing a bikini top that looks like you AREN'T wearing a bikini top? Well then you need the TATA TOP!! Skin tone bikini top with nipples on 'em! You'll surely be a hit with all of the Dads who had to...
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