The Testicuzzi

The Johnny Dare Morning Show

A Jacuzzi Fit For A King!! Or At Least, His Royal Jewels!! WWE Star Baron Corbin Meets The Creator of The Testicuzzi!!

Last Friday, our friend and WWE superstar Baron Corbin told us about how he had stumbled upon The Testicuzzi while surfing around the internet...and in doing so, realized that WE were already aware of this miraculous product...which, if you didn't know, is a little jacuzzi for your balls....or in...
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Website of the Day: Need a jacuzzi for your Family Jewels? A bubbler for your balls? It's the Testicuzzi!!

In this fast paced world, new products are flying at you fast and furious every day. Some you need...and some you didn't KNOW you The Testicuzzi. It's a minature jacuzzi. For your balls. Oh...laugh if you will...but you would teabag this thing and you know it. We talked to co-creator...
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