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Set Sail For Sexin!! Mark L Walberg prepares for a new season of Temptation Island!

Temptation Island is back for another big season on USA Netwok. Take four "happy" couples...put 'em on an island...then add in a boatload of single men and women who wanna get all up in that and BOOM! Ratings success!! Why is the show so popular? Because people loooove to watch other people who are...
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Johnny talks to Temptation Island host Mark L Walberg 03.26.19.

Here's the scenario....Take a bunch of couples who are in love...put 'em on an island...add in a bunch of single men & women whose sole purpose is to break the couples up...sprinkle on some booze and sex...the sit back and watch the shit show unfold!! That's the job of host Mark L Walberg and...
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