Lajon Witherspoon

Johnny talks to Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon 05.30.18.

With their new album, "All I See Is War", Sevendust have proven once again that they are one of the best metal bands on the road today. Never stagnating. Always moving forward. And continuing to kick ass. And this Saturday, they wrap up the current leg of their tour by destroying the KC Labor Union...
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Watch Sevendust Get "Dirty" for New Album

After more than 20 very loud years and more than 10 very heavy albums under their belts, veteran rockers Sevendust have NOT lost one bit of their ability to rock the hell out!
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Johnny talks to Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon 03.19.18.

It's no secret by now how much we love Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon. Not only is he one of the best lead vocalists in metal, but he one of the nicest guys we know. Period. And now, metal's hardest working band is set to release a new album, "All I See Is War" on May 11th...they've released...
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Johnny talks to Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon 03.06.18.

Unlike many bands, Sevendust is one of those rare bands who keep getting better and better with each new album. Their last album, "Kill The Flaw" garnered them a Grammy nomination for the single, "Thank You"...and their new album "All I See Is War" is coming out in May and will likely be even...
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Tom Morello, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Lenny Kravitz, Chuck Berry

20 Incredible Black Artists in Rock and Roll

In celebration of Black History Month, check out our list of the 20 most incredible African American rockers of all-time!
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